AZA International Leader

of assistance in the commercial phases

AZA stands out as an international leader in the bidding phase, both in terms of technical documentation and customer support. We strongly advocate a policy of engagement and support in the commercial phase, which is considered critical to the optimal development and successful start-up of projects. Here are the departments involved in the tender phases:

Example of a shading study

The study of shading allows us to propose optimizations with the goal of achieving the best living comfort.

Collection of renderings

Our designers provide renderings of facades at the quote stage to give an idea of the final architectural appearance.

Customized facade system study

Each project begins with a system study, with our engineers designing and controlling every aspect of the system.

Highest precision and expertise in drafting bids for the supply of our products.

Curtain walls are a fundamental element of a building's architecture and play an aesthetic and functional role, as well as providing thermal and acoustic insulation. In order to offer our customers a wide range of products, we put all our technical expertise and experience at their disposal, as well as actively cooperate with our various suppliers. This article stresses the importance of using a technically trained team with extensive experience in the construction industry, and in particular suggests involving designers, production departments, site technicians, and engineers in the drafting of facade bids.

The complexity of the product.

Facades are an important part of the exterior appearance of buildings and must meet a wide range of requirements. Material selection, design, fabrication and installation require a thorough understanding of standards, construction technologies and project-specific requirements. Consequently, relying on a technically trained team is essential to ensure the quality and durability of curtain walls.

Our design team.

Our designers play a crucial role in proposing technical solutions at the bidding stage. Because of their training and experience, they are able to combine the technical and aesthetic aspects of projects. They ensure that facade specifications meet the needs of the client and the project, helping to meet design and functional requirements.

Collaboration with the production department

The production department plays a key role in our feasibility studies at the tender stage. The choice of materials, production of components, and their availability are key factors that influence the cost and lead time of our products. Involving the production department from the earliest stages of tender drafting can help optimize processes, ensuring economic efficiency without compromising quality.

the support of site supervisors

Site supervisors are the link between the project and its actual implementation on site. They know the challenges and complexities of façade installation and can offer valuable perspective on installation methodologies. Involving them in the drafting of tenders ensures that on-site requirements are considered early on, reducing the risk of surprises or delays during execution.

The key role of engineers

Engineers play a key role in verifying the technical and structural feasibility of our products. They ensure that the design complies with technical and safety standards and is properly sized to withstand environmental and structural stresses. Their expertise is essential to avoid costly problems or compromises during the construction phase.